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Vodafone Customer Care Number (Toll-Free), Complaint Email [updated]

VODAFONE CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER:– hey, are you a Vodafone customer? I think you are a Vodafone customer and facing some problems related to your network service provider. then you are in right place.

here you will find all the details related to your service provider like Vodafone customer care number, toll-free number and call the customer support number given by Vodafone to connect with them.

as most people know that some time ago Vodafone’s customer care number was 191. but now it has been changed and now the Vodafone support number is 199. if you are facing some issues related to your service provider. then you should contact them and get solved your problems.

as we all know that Vodafone is the best service provider. but now in INDIA, its place has taken by JIO. but whatever you are here because you are a Vodafone customer. Do not worry, all the information you are looking for you will get.

I am providing all the Vodafone customer care support numbers but before you have to know that in which Vodafone services you want support with them. so before providing Vodafone support numbers, I am providing some services names so that it will be easy to find to you on which support number I should call.

if you are a Vodafone customer or you are using a Vodafone network then you should dial 199 it is chargeable number and charge is 50p/3minute.

Best Vodafone Customer Care Number list to Call Vodafone executive in India in 2019

Vodafone customer care number199
(from any Vodafone number)__Prepaid, Easy & Flex(with 50 PT per call)888
(From any mobile as a hotline)____Same as landline charges16888
From any landline___Same as landline charges02-25292888
From anywhere around the world___Postpaid for free.00201001888888
(From any Vodafone number)___50 PT per call for all except postpaid numbers are for free internet customer services2828
From any landline___Same as landline charges02-25292828

Here is the list of some basic Vodafone services:-

  • consumer customer services
  • internet customer services
  • Vodafone case customer services
  • directory
  • online shop
  • corporate customer services

I hope you have decided on which service you need help with a Vodafone employee. now I am providing Vodafone customer care numbers that are related to the above services:-

Vodafone Cash Customer Service

  • 7001 (From any Vodafone number)___50 PT/call for prepaid and Postpaid is for free


  • 2121 (From any Vodafone number)____1.5 L.E per minute

Online Shop

  • 5065 (From any Vodafone number)___50 PT/call for prepaid
  • 0225292860 (From any landline)____Postpaid is for free

Corporate Customer Service

  • 247 (From any Vodafone number)___for free
  • 16247 (From any landline)____Same as landline charges

Vodafone customer care number 199 – besides above Vodafone support numbers you can contact with them on 199. simply you have to follow some steps that you listen to and contact with them.

use of 199 support – you can dial 199 by any Vodafone number. then you can get much information related to your Vodafone service.
so here is the list of some services you can get information about that by just dialing 199-

  • you can know about the best offers and services by pressing 1(one).
  • if you want to know about your active services and want to deactivate that then press 2(two).
  • by pressing 3(three) you can complain and request.
    note- numbers can change.

besides these, by dialing 199 you can know many more-

  • your current balance
  • if you are out of balance then you can get a loan.
  • you can get information like recharge, balance by SMS.
  • you can change the language.
  • about data use
  • caller tune
  • flash messages
  • missed call services
  • information related to locking
  • information about losing sim
  • dial 199 is chargeable at 50p for 3 minutes.

Vodafone customer care 198 – if you want to make any complaints, service activation and deactivation and want to change your tariff then you should dial 198 and get help.

vodafone customer care number

Vodafone customer care number

Vodafone customer care numbers in the state-

I expect that all the Vodafone customer care numbers provided by vodafonecustomercarenumber (.online) will help you to fix your problem.

you can also visit Vodafone’s official site to find out Vodafone’s customer care number.

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